Get paid to heat your property with a wood boiler.


What are Biomass Boilers?

Biomass boilers using either wood chips or wood pellets are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to a conventional oil boiler. These boilers are larger than traditional gas or oil boilers and you will also need space to store your fuel. The chips and pellets are fed automatically into the boiler, which can then be connected to an existing radiator system. Unlike heat pumps, they can heat water to high temperatures without a loss of efficiency so are ideally suited to older larger properties that have a high heat demand.


How much do they cost?

Biomass boilers are a lot more expensive than traditional boilers, but there are savings to be made on the fuel, especially if you have access to your own supply of wood.

Renewable Heat Incentive

The Government's Renewable Heat Incentive scheme will make payments depending on the amount of heat generated. To qualify for the RHI you’ll need to have a Green Deal Report.

How can we help?

We can provide a Green Deal Report which is a key criteria of the scheme and we can survey your property to see if it is suitable for a biomass system and show you how much you can expect to receive from the RHI scheme. We can also provide MCS compliant heat loss calculations. A Green Deal Report can be provided for £100 inclusive and we can also provide an independent biomass survey for an additional £75.

For further information please visit here for the RHI and here for biomass boilers.