energy reports

We can help you save energy.

Energy reports

Why do I need an Energy Report?

With gas and electricity prices continuing to rise, many homeowners and businesses are deciding that they need to take action. Large firms and organisations have whole departments dedicated to managing their energy usage. Smaller businesses and homeowners have similar concerns and can benefit from an energy report and an energy strategy.

What does this involve?

Homeowners and businesses are largely unaware of the degree of energy wastage in their buildings and underestimate the opportunities for energy savings. An initial consultation will highlight where savings can be made and (normally with minimal outlay) many quick wins can be achieved. A more detailed survey of the building can then be made enabling a report to be produced, highlighting suitable improvement measures together with the estimated energy savings. For businesses an energy strategy and policy can then be prepared showing simple and effective ways to help save money.

How much does it cost?

An initial survey with an accompanying report can be undertaken from as little as £75 for a domestic property and £150 for a commercial building. This can then, if required be a basis for further detailed reports and management. Our services include:

  • • Energy Surveys
  • • Energy Management
  • • Data logging Thermometers
  • • Metering, Monitoring and Targeting - MM&T

We can also help with the following:
  • • Thermal Imaging
  • • Voltage Optimisation
  • • Energy Brokers
  • • Heat Loss Calculation
  • • SBEM Calculations